Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Full version Audio of SNSD's Japanese 'Run Devil Run' released

After teasing us for the past few weeks, the nine ladies of SNSD return with their ‘dark concept’ for the Japanese digital release of ‘Run Devil Run’ which was released a few hours ago in Japan on January 25th.

The girls will perform this track on the January 28th edition of TV Asahi’s Music Station. Check out the track below and you can support them by purchasing the music, it’s available through itunes Japan.


Leeteuk "Wanted To Become A Singer, But That Dream Got Pushed Aside"

Super Junior's Leeteuk shows his hidden singing skills.

On MBC's 'Sunday Sunday Night - Enjoy Today'(오즐) which was aired on the 23rd of January, a ballad release competition was held. Leeteuk who was in the competition showed off his hidden singing talent and received the highest score of 35.

Before Leeteuk started to sing his song, Wheesung who was one of the judges told about how he saw Leeteuk singing Im Chang Jeong’s song and practicing hard in the bathroom.

Unlike the usual sides he has shown on variety shows, he showed a very serious and sincere side of him while singing. He was also stable when hitting the high notes, and after Leeteuk's song finished, starting from composer Kim Hyung Suk he received many compliments such as "It was something more than we expected".

Jo Young Su, Wheesung and other judges complimented him with many positive points such as saying, "He broke away the prejudice about him being an idol singer and sang very well". As a result, the judges gave him a high score of 35, making him the first place amongst the '오즐' members.

On the other hand, after Leeteuk left the room. Judges could not stop complimenting about Leeteuk saying "I was shocked because of how good he was". Wheesung replied "I told you he is good" as a reply. Wheesung also told the other judges about how he and Leeteuk has a relation. He told them "During Leeteuk’s trainee days, he had many thoughts and frights/worries about him debuting, he also worked really hard".

After the audiences watched Leeteuk singing their reactions were like "He is sooooo good in singing!!", "Variety and singing is Leeteuk!", "If you haven't seen Leeteuk sing, don't even say anything. Ah this is just awesome" etc.. Like this, they expressed their endless compliments.

Source: Newsen
Korean To English Translation By: teukiebiased @ AngeLeeteuk.com
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Lee Kikwang is the man to make females cry?

Group BEAST's Lee Kikwang had made his fake girlfriend cry.

In the episode of 'Hot Brothers' broadcasted on the 23rd, the show was centered on the topic, "Do you want to be a Oppa? Or a Hyung?" and a popularity poll took place with Park Myungsoo, Tak Jaehoon, Park Hwisoon, Tony Ahn, Simon D., and Lee Kikwang. In the group of 50 people consisting of 25 males and 25 females, if one member got the most votes for the males, they become the best hyung and the best oppa if one member gets the most votes from the females.

On this day, the members of 'Hot Brothers' played hard to win the hearts of the voters. Lee Kikwang was situated in a simulation in which it was a 100 day anniversary with his "fake" girlfriend. He had played the role of the man who hadn't prepared anything and eventually made the girl cry.

However, Lee Kikwang had even shown her a crazy comic dance, but instead of the tears stopping, she started to cry even more.

Eventually Lee Kikwang faced the embarrassment of getting 0 votes from both the females and males.


Yoseob's poisonous tongue

On the 22nd January episode of KBS2′s variety show 100 Points Out Of 100, Yoseob’s sarcastic words towards fellow Beast members Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang attracted attention. Yoseob stated during the show that only two members from Beast had fashion sense. MC Park Kyung Lim asked him whether he was talking about Doojoon and Kikwang. Yoseob replied sarcastically, ” Is it only the two of them who are famous? ” His words made everyone laugh. He later said that Junhyung and Hyunseung were the fashion stars of Beast.

Yoseob also showed off impressive acting skills when he did an impersonation of Park No Shik’s character from the film Memories Of Murder.

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Hanggeng and Heechul Talk about SM Entertaiment !!

Heechul has been going off about slave contracts to everyone who will listen these days and his latest interview in GQ has caused his biggest controversy yet.

When he said on his radio show, Heechul’s Youngstreet, that “a man must live with loyalty,” many fans believed it was directed towards JYJ and Hankyung.

In his new interview, he said, “Of course, I as well, have a lot of problems with the company. But, I don’t think there’s any reason for me to express that outside. Honestly, “we can’t make money”? No. These days, everyone keeps saying slave contract, slave contract but the really laughable thing is — what slave buys his parents something like a building and what slave can go around in a car and what slave can go drinking?"

Former Super Junior member Hankyung also talked about SM Entertainment recently in the newest issue of Marie Claire China.

“There were a lot of entertainment news that portrays Korean entertainment companies’ with harsh demands: The artistes do not only receive a hellish sort of cruel training, not allowed to be in a relationship, not allowed to have personal feelings, all has to be collective and aware of the content (T/N: I think what they are referring here is the things artistes say in the public). So much so that, some artistes are being forced by the company to do stuff outside their profession, for instance escort services and so on.

When I relayed what the content was, Han Geng explained, exaggerated a little: “SM has no such stipulations. I am not aware if other companies have such stuff/mess. Anyway, it does not exist in my company.” Isn’t this something what the company has imprinted on him? The general expression is to not speak randomly, think before you speak.”

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Translated by : paranoiame@geng-bao.net
Article: http://tinyurl.com/4vvamxe (MTVK)
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bang Eunhee Mother-Like Warmth "I Love U-Kiss"

On the 19th broadcast of MBC 'Golden Fishery – Radio Star', actress Bang Eunhee revealed her affection towards idol group U-KISS.

On this day, Bang Eunhee introduced herself "I am U-KISS's mother, Ban Eunhee", which has aroused a lot of curiosity on her. It turned out that her husband is the CEO of NH Media, a company that manages U-KISS.

Bang Eunhee then was asked regarding to the whereabout of the U-KISS members, she answered that Alexander is currently fooling around, and she even asked the writer a favor whether Alexander could make an appearance or not, revealing the recording's behind-the-story.

Also, she made a heart shape with her hands and confessed "U-KISS, I love you" which made the studio burst into laughter.

Credits: xportsnews (Source) + jaymie501@ROCKETBOXX.NET (Translation) via dkpopnews

Super Junior is Secret's "Shy Boy" on today Music Bank

Secret's live performance for Shy Boy has been garnering much attention as the girls added the choreography of other boy groups' songs in their performance.

For today's performance,they added Super Junior's Sorry Sorry choreography,check out their performance here


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SNSD "Visual Dreams" MV for Intel Release !

Let's check out the video here ! :)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Teen Top "Supa Luv" MV dance version

The Dance version MV for "Supa Luv" Teen Top has been revealed.. let's check the video out !!

I really like this song and now I'll try to learn it dance .. (^o^)/
cr. TeenzOnTop @youtube

Monday, January 17, 2011

Views on WGM, Adam Couple’s Best Scenes!

Adam Couple has had their final episode on “We Got Married”.

Yesterday Adam Couple parted on their final episode. Although they did not stop smiling till the end, their effort to keep calm looked sadder instead. Shall I say I felt that although outwardly they were smiling, it seemed like they were crying inside?

Anyway they were fully known as a couple at Shim Shim Ta Pa a year ago (they released ‘WFIL’ at that time) and yesterday they announced their final recording at the same radio show. Jo Kwon and Ga In cried as they delivered the announcement as there were so many things flashing through their minds. Sister in law, JeA and Park Mi Sun who watched the episode together also shed tears.

Apparently Jo Kwon and Ga In couldn’t get used to the idea… It’s quite sad to see how they kept denying the reality with comments like “I couldn’t feel anything”, “I want to fail this mission”, etc. Anyhow today Jo Kwon and Ga In went back from Adam Couple to merely Jo Kwon and Ga In. So what do you say if we take a look at some of their scenes together?

Teen Top New MV "Supa Luv"

Hiiiii readers..after rest for the exam, now I'm back with maybe not new news but I hope you like. Teen top has revealed a new Mv "Supa Luv"!! check out the video ! ^^

I love this !! how bout you ?? ^_^

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