Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wheesung To Help With SNSD's Upcoming Album

It’s been reported that Wheesung, a well known R&B artist, will be lending his talents and writing the lyrics for a track on an upcoming SNSD album. This is big news because a) it’s Wheesung! (omgsqueal) and b) it means that SNSD’s next korean album should be out sometime soon, either early next year or late this year if we’re lucky.

For now SNSD’s promotions will be concentrated on getting their popularity up in Japan, but SM has made it clear that they want SNSD to be the no.1 group in all of Asia, so I’m sure the girls will return soon to keep their grip on the k-pop market.

Wheesung has been doing more songwriting ever since leaving YG Entertainment, and has penned tracks such as Orange Caramel‘s “Magic Girl” and T-ara‘s “I Go Crazy Because of You“, and in addition to the new SNSD track he will be also be helping with ballad-queen Baek Jiyoung‘s new album in the future.

It’s quite exciting to hear about SNSD working with such a great artist, especially since (for those who don’t know) Wheesung used to be Sunny‘s vocal teacher during her trainee days before she auditioned for SM. I can’t wait!

cr; Yurui912@twitter, metroseoul,
article by: Procrastinatoress@snsdkorean

20 idol singers unite to sing the G20 Seoul Summit theme song

Ahead of the prestigious 2010 G20 Seoul Summit this November, it was revealed that 20 idol singers from popular K-Pop groups of today have been recruited to sing the theme song for the event.

The theme song titled, ‘Let’s Go‘ had been made specially for the event which will take place from November 11 – 12th at Samsung-dong’s Coex, for the discussion about the world’s economy.

The idol group members who will lend their voices include Gyuri (KARA), Seohyun (SNSD), Junsu (2PM), Changmin (2AM), Jaekyung (Rainbow), Jonghyun (SHINee), Sungmin (Super Junior), Kahi (After School), Luna (f(x)), JiEun (SECRET), Junhyung (B2ST), Gayoon (4minute), Min (miss A), G.O (MBLAQ), Bumkey (2wins), G.NA, Son Dambi, Seo In Kook, IU and Anna.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kim Heechul, release of Super Junior photo group "Who's thats beauty?"

Super Junior member Kim Heechul uploaded a group photo of the members on his twitter on the 28th.

The 10 people in the photo were all members of the group. Yesung who had been involved in the musical Spamalot since beginning of July was very busy, thus he wasn't included in the photo, and (therefore) there were only 9 members. However (,) Henry's presence resulted in 10 members at the scene of the photo taking.

Also, the unidentified women in the photo who leaned against Kyuhyun in order to support his body, is no other than the one who uploaded the photo onto the net, Kim Heechul who gave a laugh after being identified.

After seeing the photo, fans left comments such as "Who is this beauty in the middle among the members?" "This is Yesung... looked heart-warming upon (viewing) the photo" "10 members including Henry! Adorable people" etc.


Korean to chinese translation: 閃小耀愛曺卷2@
Chinese to english translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET


Kara 'Mister' concept copied by a japanese female idol group ?

A controversy of a popular Japanese girl group copying Kara has been rising.

Korean netizens are in doubt that the Japanese idol girl group, ‘9 nine’, have copied Kara’s clothing concepts, who released their debut single ‘Mister’ in Japan in early August.

A 5-member female idol group ‘9 nine’ who debuted in 2005 recently released a single album with a concept similar to Kara’s clothing for ‘Mister’ – short-sleeved colour t-shirts, baggy hip-hop pants and even the gloves.

Moreover, netizens are suspecting that Kara has influenced them a lot, making a point that ‘9 nine’, who used to rely on their cute images, transformed into a powerful and sexy concept as SNSD and Kara had quite an impact on the Japanese girl group industry.

BoA closed her Twitter because Shawol ??

BoA was recently caught up in a controversy with SHINee fans for “spoiling SHINee’s comeback” through her Twitter, causing her to eventually set her Twitter account to private on September 29th.

On the 26th, BoA tweeted, “Inkigayo has come to an end, and Chuseok has come to an end. Next week is our shining SHINee’s comeback! I won’t be lonely in the waiting rooms anymore.”

The problem lies in that SHINee fans were displeased with BoA spoiling the release of SHINee’s repackaged album and comeback date. Various community sites began spreading rumors that SHINee’s comeback date was set earlier than planned due to BoA’s spoiler, causing her to receive many hateful replies from netizens.

On the 28th, BoA attempted to clarify the situation by tweeting, “You know that our company won’t just change SHINee’s comeback date because of my tweet, right? I tweeted it in support of the members, and articles regarding their comeback were released today as well.”

Despite BoA’s clarification, SHINee fans did not stop their attacks, causing BoA to eventually set her account to private.

Netizens expressed their disappointment in the situation by stating, “BoA loves Twitter, did you really have to go as far as to make her close it?” “Are you guys happy now?” and “They’re just supporting each other, why are the fans so angry?”

Source: MyDaily
Photos: MyDaily, Newsen

Friday, September 24, 2010

Followers twitter Super Junior if were combine would be 1st worldwide

Super Junior appeared on MBC Chuseok special "Radio star super show" on thr 23th, and boasted that if the total of their followers were combined, they would be first worldwide on twitter.

Super Junior explained "If we calculate it individually, it's hard to become first but if we combine all the super junior's members (accounts) we are first worldwide"

Super Junior said modestly "In the case of the 4th album, it ranked 7th in the worldwide top sales. It's a temporary position and it's the album total, but because we were 7th we were surprised. Album sales reached about 300 000copies, It's probably because those days the music industry is in recession"

Leeteuk said "Super Junior's popularity is high in the Asian Market" he then added "It seems that it's only in Korea that we are not popular, this is not only because of us but I think because in Korea there is a lot of good singers "

That day, the members all showed their individual skills. Kyuhyun singing the OST of drama "King of baking Kim Takgu", Sungmin making a demonstration of NunChaKu, and Eunhyuk sexy dance and singing caught attention of viewers.

Source: Nate news
Translating credits: Alice (OhㅡDɑrℓing♥) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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SHINee Onew is quiet the rock star in "Rock of Ages"

SHINee member Onew performs a scene from musical "Rock of Ages" during its press call held at the Olympic Park in Seoul, South Korea on September 16, 2010.
"Rock of Ages," a jukebox musical being introduced in Korea for the first time, gathered attention for its casting of boy band SHINee member Onew as an aspiring rock star. While jukebox musicals "Mamma Mia!" and "All Shook Up," both hits in Korea, created new stories through the songs of established musicians such as ABBA and Elvis Presley, "Rock of Ages" takes rock music as the main character. The appearance of rock music such as "I Wanna Rock" and "We're Not Gonna Take It" which swept an era, is a given. Then there is the love triangle between aspiring rock star Drew, aspiring actress Sherrie from the countryside, and rock star Stacee who is beyond his prime, as well as the struggle to protect rock club "The Bourbon" which was the core of the L.A. metal scene in real life. It is practically made up of rock from start to finish. Hence, Korean veteran rock bands Boohwal and Novasonic have been assigned Stacey's band members and are the ones in charge of the live performance for "Rock of Ages." When sound that rings their hearts are created, the use of multivision which creates the effect of one watching a video of a performance and special effects usually used in concerts, closes the distance between the stage and the audience.

Leeteuk denies rumors about being in a relationship with Taeyeon

Super Junior’s Leeteuk denied on the September 23rd airing of “Radio Star” regarding the rumors of him in a dating relationship with SNSD’s Taeyeon.

He opened up to the MCs and fellow guest on his recent “couple earring” incidents.

To the “pestering” questions from the MC, he replied, “I personally bought those bunny earrings. In fact, I was the first to buy it. It was purely coincidental that she wore an identical piece.”

Shindong added a spice of humor by stating, “If MC Kim Gura wore the earrings, such rumors wouldn’t have popped up.”

Source: Nate
Cr. Allkpop

SHINee's Onew is a drinker

Idol group SHINee recently revealed the behind story on the after party of SM Town LA’s concert while making an appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Nocturnal.” Unfortunately, MC Onew was unable to join them as he was rehearsing for his musical, leaving Jonghyun, Minho, Key, and Taemin to take his place.

As SHINee began talking about the after party, MCs playfully commented, “If it was a party, people must’ve drank, yes?” SHINee answered, “Over there, only 21 and over can drink so everyone couldn’t except for Onew.”

They went on to reveal, “But Onew drank extremely well on his own. He didn’t need a bottle opener and even showed off unique tricks like opening bottle caps on his own. The rest of us returned to our dorms early but Onew continued to enjoy the party and came home late.”

The boys also hinted at a special fact about SM Town’s chartered plane, revealing that the CEO sat in first class while the rest of the celebrities sat in business. One small group in particular, however, was able to sit up with the CEO.

The episode will broadcast on the 26th at 11:15 PM.

Source + Photo: Newsen
Eng Trans: Allkpop

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kamar Leeteuk double fungsi, 1. toliet kucing ; 2. untuk rekaman

Eun-Teuk rupanya memiliki keinginan terpendam untuk menyanyikan soundtrack drama ~ hahahaha~  Melihat dongsaeng-nya Kyuhyun dan Yesung yang sudah sering berpartisipasi dalam ost drama, rupanya membuat dirinya dan Eunhyuk ingin ikut mencoba menjadi ost singer.

“Aku berharap, aku dan Eunhyuk kelak bisa sumbang suara di soundtrack drama”

Tapi berhubung perusahaan mereka agak ketat dan sangat pemilih, Leeteuk mewanti – wanti agar composer rekaman yang berminat memakai mereka jangan menghubungi perusahaan, tetapi langsung ke telepon genggam mereka.

“ Perusahaan kita biasa akan langsung menolak, makanya kontak langsung ke kami, kami akan melakukan rekaman sembunyi – sembunyi…”

Eunhyuk mengangguk dan menambahkan kalau kamar Teuki selain sering dipakai sebagai toilet kucing juga bisa dialihfungsikan sebagai studio rekaman…” kita akan rekaman di kamar teukie-hyung..jadi silahkan hubungi kami berdua..”

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cara Mengetahui Nama Korea Kita,,

Pas lagi iseng -iseng nyari di om Google cara tahu nama korea kita, akhirnya nemu satu blog yng ngebahas masalah ini. Ini dia hasil penelusuran saya. Klo udh nemu nama koreamu, share di comment yha !!
Mau tau namamu dalam versi Korea? cari tau disini :

1. Surname : Korean surname is the last number in your year of birth.

- 0: Park
- 1: Kim
- 2: Shin
- 3: Choi
- 4: Song
- 5: Kang
- 6: Han
- 7: Lee
- 8: Sung
- 9: Jung

2. Middle name : is your month of birth.

- 1: Yong
- 2: Ji
- 3: Je
- 4: Hye
- 5: Dong
- 6: Sang
- 7: Ha
- 8: Hyo
- 9: Soo
- 10: Eun
- 11: Hyun
- 12: Rae

3. First name : is your date of birth.

- 1: Hwa
- 2: Woo
- 3: Joon
- 4: Hee
- 5: Kyo
- 6: Kyung
- 7: Wook
- 8: Jin
- 9: Jae
- 10: Hoon
- 11: Ra
- 12: Bin
- 13: Sun
- 14: Ri
- 15: Soo
- 16: Rim
- 17: Ah
- 18: Ae
- 19: Neul
- 20: Mun
- 21: In
- 22: Mi
- 23: Ki
- 24: Sang
- 25: Byung
- 26: Seok
- 27: Gun
- 28: Yoo
- 29: Sup
- 3 0: Won
- 31: Sub

Jadi, apa nama Korea kalian?

Namaku Kang Rae Seok  (agak aneh) ^^

Thursday, September 16, 2010

OST. Cinderella's Sister

01. 너 아니면 안돼 – Yesung Download
02. 불러본다 – Krystal, Luna 크리스탈, 루나
03. 스마일 어게인 – 이윤종 Yi Yun Jong Download
04. 너 였다고 – 제이엠(JM) Download
05. 내 사랑을 구해줘! – Pink Toniq Download
06. 신데렐라언니 Download
07. 미소지으면 Download
08. 보사노바 Download
09. 그때 그 자리에 Download
10. 사랑한다면 Download
11. 뒷동산 Download
12. 마이너 왈츠 Download
13. 느리게 걷기 Download
14. 후회 Download
15. 모정 Download
16. 내 사랑을 구해줘! (Rock Ver.) – Pink Toniq Download

cr.Hime no Sarange blog's

Cinderella's Sister

Di Indosiar kini tayang K-Drama baru yang judulnya Cinderella's Sister/Cinderella's Step Sister/ Cinderella Unni. K-Drama ini tayang Setiap hari mulai dari tanggal 11 Sept 2010 kmaren pukul 15.30 WIB.

Eun-Ju (Moon Geun-Young), seorang gadis yang kehilangan sosok ayah beberapa tahun lalu, kini kembali merasakan sebuah keluarga yang utuh saat ibunya menikah kembali. Sayangnya, hal tersebut tak membuat suasana berubah menjadi lebih baik, namun justru sebaliknya. Eun-Ju justru menjadi sosok gadis pemberontak. Hal tersebut tak terlepas dengan pertemuannya dengan sudara tirinya Hyo-Seon (Seo Woo). Hyo-Seon dikenal sebagai sosok gadis baik. Bahkan dalam keluarga sosok Hyo-Seon selalu menjadi pusat perhatian. Tak terkecuali dengan ibu Eun-Ju sendiri.

Masalah semakin pelik ketika Eun-Ju tahu bahwa Hyo-Seon, menyukai kekasihnya Ki-Hoon. Eun-Ju pun memutuskan untuk mengatasi masalahnya ini dengan caranya sendiri. (asianmediawiki/win)

Details Cinderella's Stepsister

* Title: Cinderella Unni
* Also known as: Cinderella's Stepsister / A Modern Story of Revenge
* Genre: Romance, melodrama
* Episodes: 20
* Broadcast network: KBS2

Para Pemain Cinderella Stepsister
    * Moon Geun Young as Song Eun Jo
    * Seo Woo as Goo Hyo Sun
    * Chun Jung Myung as Hong Ki Hoon
    * Taecyeon as Han Jung Woo
          o Yoon Suk Hyun (윤석현) as Jung Woo (adolescent)
    * Lee Mi Sook as Song Kang Sook
    * Kim Gab Soo as Goo Dae Sung
    * Kang Sung Jin as Yang Hae Jin
    * Choi Il Hwa as Chairman Hong
    * Yun Woo Jin (연우진) as Dong Soo
    * Go Se Won as Hong Ki Jung
    * Seo Hyun Chul as Mr. Jang (Kang Sook's true love)
    * Kim Chung as Ki Hoon's mother
    * Seo Ji Eun (서지은) as Nam Yi 

cr. DramaWiki

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leeteuk ajarkan cara agar Variety Show jadi menarik

Leeteuk mendapatkan tepuk tangan di segmen “Small Room Talk” tanggal 6 September di acara MBC TV’s “Come to Play” karena sikapnya terhadap variety shows.

Selama acara ini berlangsung, Leeteuk memberitahu cara untuk menarik perhatian penonton di program-program acara variety. Kata Teukie,, Mau itu masuk akal atau tidak, akan ada 3 cara  yang bisa dijalani,,

Leeteuk mengatakan pertama, “Kamu tidak bisa/tdk boleh tertawa secara normal, tapi harus tertawa dengan nada tertawa yang tinggi.Itu Karena tertawa  bisa menular. Jika tidak ada yang tertawa,  walaupun topiknya menarik akan menjadi membosankan.”

Cara kedua adalah “Ketika pembawa acaranya berbicara, kamu harus menanggapinya apa yang dibicarakan si pembawa acara walaupun sambil duduk.  Hal ini dapat memungkinkan para pembawa acara dan tamunya bisa lebih mengekspresikan diri mereka sendiri.”

Terakhir, “Kamu harus tahu bagaimana mencintai acaranya dan kamu harus menunjukkan kecintaanmu itu dari hati yang paling dalam.”

Leeteuk berkata : “Aku harus tahu apa alasannya aku berada di acara ini, atau paling tidak reaksi  dan tanggapanku harus dari hati sendiri. Jika kamu berpura-pura saja, para penonton pun akan merasakannya juga.”

Leeteuk juga bilang kalau dari kemarin malam dia tidak bisa tidur dengan jam yang cukup, dan sekarang masih sangat lelah, tapi dia tidak menunjukkannya lewat ekpresi wajahnya, karena para penonton tidak akan mau tahu bahwa dia tidak bisa tidur.

Di waktu yang sama, MC Yoo Jaesuk dan Kim Wonhee bilang, “Akan ada banyak orang yang memanggil ‘Leeteuk Leeteuk’ koknantinya,” membuat tertawa orang-orang di studio.Maksudnya akan ada banyak orang yang mengharapkan Leeteuk tampil di Variety Show

Cara Leeteuk ini mendapatkan banyak perhatian dari para penonton. Mereka berkomentar

    * “Leeteuk memang mempunyai image sebagai seorang yang ahli di bidangnya khususnya variety shows”, “
    * Akan ada banyak idola lainnya yang harus belajar dari Leeteuk”
    * “Sangat menyenangkan melihat dirinya yang bekerja keras setiap waktu”
    * “Leeteuk masih saja bekerja keras walaupun dia kecapekan.. Dia benar-benar seorang Leeteuk~ Leeteuk.”

Original Article: My Daily
Source: Baidu Super Junior Bar
Credits to JSholic 沉溺 (
Korean to Chinese translation by E @
Chinese to English translation by eternalsnow @
Take out : surethingdo@dateforsuju 

Siapa Idola wanita yang sepertinya dapat membuat kue beras dengan paling baik ??

TaeYeon SNSD terpilih sebagai wanita yang sepertinya dapat membuat kue beras dengan paling baik. ”Song Pyun ” adalah kue beras di kukus di atas daun pinus, dan ini terkenal karena sulit untuk mencetaknya dalam bentuk setengah-bulan yang sempurna.

Polling itu berakhir kemarin setelah mulai dari tanggal 5 Agustus, leader SNSD sukses berada dipuncak polling

SNSD Yoona di posisi kedua, dan Sulli dari f (x), Kara Goo Hara , T-ara Jiyeon dan Uee dari After School ditempat ketiga, keempat, kelima, dan keenam, masing-masing.

Pertanyaan terbesar adalah bagaimana netizen memutuskan pilihan mereka dalam polling ini karena sulit untuk memilih tanpa melihat pembuatan kue beras sebenarnya.Tapi ini membuktikan bahwa mereka yg terpilih sangat dikagumi oleh orang-orang yg memilih itu


Monday, September 6, 2010

Hangeng : “Heechul sahabat terbaikku"

Hangeng mengungkapkan secara terbuka, “Heechul tetap sahabat terbaikku,” untuk artikel di majalah China.

Hangeng satu-satunya anggota pendatang dan tidak tahu sama sekali tentang orang Korea. Heechul adalah temannya yang pertama dan menjadi teman sekarang, sangat menjaga Hangeng di dalam pekerjaan maupun di kehidupan sehari-hari.

Hangeng bilang : “Heechul adalah sahabat terbaikku. Kami tinggal bersama dan saling berbagi cerita apapun dengan hanya kami berdua saja”

Mereka juga sering tampil bersama di berbagai acara, memberikan ciuman dan memberikan kasih sayang saat tampil. Heechul sangat terluka ketika Hangeng keluar. Konser yang diadakan di Beijing adalah yang pertama diadakan tanpa Hangeng. Heechul menangis ketika menyanyikan sebuah lagu.

Ini adalah pertama kalinay fansnya Heechul melihat Heechul menangis di konser. Hangeng mempunyai kesempatan lebih banyak ketika meninggalkan SJ, dan Heechul ikut senang karena itu. Heechul juga berbocara tentang lirik lu Korea agdari Hangeng yang dia pelajari di broadcast YS.

Persahabatan mereka tidak akan pernah mati. Hangeng berkunjung ke Korea hanya dua hari untuk syuting MV-nya berjudul <飛蛾撲火>, tapi dia terlalu sibuk sehingga tidak sempat mengundang Heechul. Mereka tidak dapat bertemua sampai Heechul secara spesifik bergabung dengannya.

Dari pernyataan Hangeng ini, Heechul adalah sahabat terbaiknya yang tidak akan pernah berubah. Ibunya Hangeng sangat pintar membuat pangsit, Hangeng berharap dia bisa mengundang Heechul ke restoran ibunya dan mencobanya.

Credits: source)
Editor: hotspicykimchi
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Friday, September 3, 2010

FT.Island rilis single jepang....baru

Boy band Korea, FT Island yang baru saja merilis single Jepang berjudul “Flower Rock” telah mengumumkan perilisan single baru Jepang pada tanggal 17 November 2010.

Album single ini dijadwalkan untuk memasukkan tiga lagu baru bersama dengan salah satu lagu karaoke instrumental. Daftar lagu dan judul lagu akan diumumkan di kemudian hari.

Single FT Island akan keluar dalam tiga versi berbeda, dua edisi terbatas (A & B) dan edisi regular. Edisi terbatas A adalah edisi yang akan datang dalam bentuk DVD video promosi dan klip video pendek dari anggota. Edisi B akan datang dalam bentuk pilihan acak dari karakter anggota. Edisi regular akan datang dalam bentuk kartu perdagangan acak FT Island.

Cre  :  Allkpop + imoetkorea

Lee Hong-ki mau mengubah gaya rambut ??

Pentolan FT Island Lee Hong-ki berjanji untuk mengubah gaya rambutnya. Dengan rambut warna anggur, gaya rambut bergelombang pendek, Lee Hong-ki sedang melakukan promosi untuk mini album terbaru band ini. Dia telah berjanji untuk mengubah gaya rambutnya karena misi dia dengan fans mereka.

FT Island saat itu tengah menghadiri SBS Power FM-nya Choi Hwa-jung pada 31 Agustus 2010. Mereka menerima pesan dari fans mereka pada program ini dan Lee Hong-ki berjanji bahwa ia akan mengubah gaya rambutnya jika mereka menerima setidaknya 10.000 pesan dari fans pada acara radio tersebut.

Anggota lainnya setengah ragu namun tetap melakukan misi. Mereka menerima lebih dari 10.000 pesan di acara radio tersebut, karena judul lagu comeback terbaru mereka "Love Love Love". Akibatnya, Lee Hong-ki harus memenuhi janjinya untuk mengubah gaya rambutnya.

Para pendengar menulis pesan seperti, "Hong-ki ya, Anda tidak perlu memotong rambut Anda".............dan "Cute Hong-ki Anda akan terlihat lebih baik jika Anda memotong rambut Anda".

Juru bicara mereka mengatakan bahwa, satu minggu kemudian setelah anggota disibukkan dengan jadwal mereka, Lee Hong-ki akan mengubah gaya rambutnya. Fans semakin tertarik untuk melihat perubahan yang baru.

Cre  :  ANJELLholic + imoetkorea

Donghae seorang idola yang perhatian !!

Donghae yang kini dalam kondisi sehat, menjadi seorang idola yang sangat perhatian terhadap seseorang yang sedang sakit.

Pada tanggal 1 Sept Donghae memposting foto dalam twitternya dan menunjukkan dia berada disuatu ruangan bersama seorang pria yang lebih tua dan sedang tergeletak sakit. Donghae Tweet

    사랑하는 승일아찌형님!눈으로 말하고 눈으로 사랑하는 승일형님 지금은 승일형네 집!! 루겔릭이라는 병을 관심깊게 봐주세요 ! 정말 멋지신 형님 !!
    Yang aku sayangi Paman Seungil! Dia bahkan mampu berbicara dengan matanya dan ada cinta dimatanya Aku ada di rumahnya sekarang! Mari kita semua peduli terhadap penderita AL! Dia benar-benar orang yang keren!!

ALS atau Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis adalah suatu kondisi yang menyebabkan kelemahan otot dan akhirnya kehilangan kontrol otot. Fans bersimpati untuk Paman itu dan memuji untuk Donghae,

    * “Saya berharap untuk agar ia cepat sembuh! Berjuang oppa “
    * ” oppa kau begitu! Baik dan baik …. berjuang!! “dll

s:donghae twitter 

C.A.P dan L.Joe Teen Top di Mnet Scandal

Setelah debut dengan lagu mereka, Clap, member Teen Top, C.A.P dan L. Joe diikutsertakan dalam program kontroversial di kalangan fans Kpop, Mnet Scandal episode tgl 1 September lalu.

Berikut fotonya..

Kedua ‘pasangan’ ini ngedate bareng di sebuah lembah, dimana L. Joe dan ‘pacarnya’ main siram2an air dan secara spontan pegangan tangan. Sedangkan C.A.P menunjukkan kemampuannya membuka sebuah semangka dengan tinjuan tangannya. Dilanjutkan dengan permainaan2 kecil di antara kedua pria ini.

Cemburu ??? Jangan dong… Ini kan cuma acara teve..

cre : allkpop

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