Thursday, December 30, 2010

Super Junior freestyles "Sorry Sorry" on Super Junior's Foresight program

Super Junior members Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Kyuhyun hosted the December 29th edition of Super Junior’s talk show ‘Super Junior’s Foresight’ on MBC Every1.

During one of the segments, the boys were asked to “freestyle” or sing their own rendition via improvisation of their hit track “Sorry Sorry” based on the instrumentals played by the Pianist. It was very interesting to hear the different styles from each of the members, check out the video below!

Credit : allkpop

Set LIst and Line-up for 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun tonight !!

2010 KBS Gayo Daejun is going to broadcast live on KBS 2TV at 9:50PM KST tonight. Check out the lineup below.

First Half

Grand Opening


Performed by
Nichkhun&Taekyeon&Wooyoung(2PM), Lee Teuk&Shin Dong(SUJU), Minho&Taemin(Shinee), Hara&Gyuri(KARA), Yonghwa(CNBlue)&Hongki(FTIsland),Supreme Team, SISTAR, 2AM, UKISS, Orange Caramel

- Bad Girl Good Girl + Breathe

ChangMin - Video(India Arie)
Jinwoon - Hysteria(Muse)
Seulong - Beautiful Monster(Ne-Yo)
Jokwon - Baby(Justin Bieber) *wonder whether he's gonna put 'kkab' into the original song!!!
2AM - Can't let you go even if I die

Bo Peep Bo Peep
I Go Crazy because of you

(Dance Special - G.I.R.L)
Glitter - 4Minute : Flirt(Pussycat Dolls)
Innocent - Secret : Stickwitu(Pussycat Dolls)
Rhythm - Afterschool : Let's Do it
Lollipop - F(x) : Lollipop
So Hot - KARA : Fergalicious(Fergie)
Closing - Special collaboration stage of these beautiful 5 girl groups!!!
FT Island - Love Love Love

Mission Impossible + Am I Easy + Shut Up

IU& Seulong

I'll be a star + glittering tears

F(X) + SHINee
F(x) - NUABO
F(X) + SHINee - special collaboration stage!!!Shinee - Lucifer

2PM - I'll be back

[Harmony For Folk - Yang Hee Eun + Supreme Team]
Let's walk
To the land of happiness

Second Half

[GRAND OPENING - Vocalists]

It's My Life

- Changmin&Seulong&Jinwoon(2AM), Joonsu&Kichkhun&Chansung(2PM), Jonghyun&Taemin&Key(Shinee), Yoseob&Hyunseung&Joonhyung(BEAST)

Bohemian Rhapsody
- Changmin(2AM), Joonsu(2PM), Jonghyun(Shinee), Yoseob(BEAST), Jungmo(Trax), Dongwoon(BEAST)

Dejavu + Crazy in Love + Push Push


I'm a loner + LOVE

Supreme Team
Then Then Then + Deng Deng Deng

Madonna + Magic

[Harmony for Ballad - Shin Seung Hoon]
SISTAR + SSH - your reflection in smile
CNBLUE + SSH - Romeo and Juliet
IU + SSH - I believe
SSH - Since then
SUJU - Like the first feeling

KARA - Lupin

4Minute + Beast
Huh - 4minute
Special collaboration state of 4minute and beast!
Breath - BEAST

Run Devil Run + Oh!

SUJU - Beauty

[Harmony for Hiphop - DJ DOC]
I am who I am
Run to You (with Afterschool)
Dance with DOC ( with all the cast)

Credits: KBS World Facebook via dkpopnews

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yesung and Luna revealed their duet song for President OST

Super Junior Golden voice Yesung and also, F(x) golden voice luna finally revealed their duet song for drama 'President' OST! Check out below!

Source : YesungCenter @ YT via dkpopnews

Beast/B2st's DooJoon went naked in All My Love!

BEAST's leader Doo Joon went naked in drama All My Love,check out his "Nude scene" here.

Leader Doo Joon has great body right?


Info 2010 SBS, KBS & MBC Gayo Daejun, Oneday

Livestream @ KPOPFLASH.NET

SBS Gayo Daejun
December 29th at 9:55 PM KST

2AM's Jo Kwon, CN Blue's Jung Yonghwa, Actress Hwang Jung Eum and Super Junior's Kim Heechul

Artist Line-Up:
BoA, Super Junior, SNSD, KARA, SE7EN, G-Dragon & T.O.P, 2PM, SHINee, 2AM, 2NE1, B2ST, 4minute, MBLAQ, F.T Island, CNBLUE, miss A, etc

KBS Gayo Daejun
December 31st at 9:50PM KST - 12:30AM KST

Artist Line-Up:
Super Junior, SNSD, 2PM, SHINee, KARA, CNBLUE, 2AM, After School, Kiss, Sistar, FT Island, f(x), 4Minute, Secret, IU, T-ara, Beast, etc

MBC Gayo Daejun
December 31st at 9:55PM KST - 1:40AM KST

Artist Line-Up:

Ilsan MBC Lounge: Davichi, Supreme Team, HOMME, ZE:A, and SG Wannabe.

Ilsan MBC Studio #5: 2PM, Narsha, Rainbow, miss A, SNSD, Son Dam Bi, Seo In Young, Super Junior, CNBlue, IU, Younha, Lim Jeong Hee, KARA, FT Island, and f(x).

Ilsan MBC Studio #6: 2PM, 2AM, Narsha, BoA, BEAST, SHINee, Seo In Young, Super Junior, Supreme Team, Secret, SISTAR, After School, U-Kiss, Infinite, ZE:A, KARA, K.Will, Tae Jin Ah, T-ara, 4minute, Hong Jin Young, and Song Daekwan.

Source:,, kbs music bank @ twitter via dkpopnews

Credit: KBSMusicBank@Twitter
Source: dkpopnews

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kyuhyun became a DJ for a day

On the 27 October, SBS broadcast of 《Kim Hee Chul’s Young Street》 program official homepage released Super junior Kyuhyun’s photos.

As it turns out, on last 22 November, Super junior member Kyuhyun replaced Heechul to become a DJ, making it hard for the staff to conceal their joy. On that day Kyuhyun alone sang Super junior KRY’s 《Coagulation》, gaining every staff’s applause. After seeing the photos, neitzens praised “The live performance made people touched! After all it’s the voice that touches everyone~” “Become a fixed DJ, (your) voice is also beautiful, songs are also sung well, and (you) are also handsome looking!” “Thanks to DJ Kyuhyun, I had a lovely night~” “(Kyuhyun’s) Hosting isn’t bad~” and more
Super junior Kyuhyun has excellent vocals, thus he is participating in S.M. THE BALLAD debut album 《Really Miss You》 which will release on 29 November, with TRAX member Jay, SHINee’s Jonghyun and SM newbie Jino as the 3 most outstanding singers with excellent vocals, they performed on SBS 《Inkigayo》 on 28 November. S.M. THE BALLAD debut album’s title song 《Really Miss You》 talks about yearning for the lover who left, but cannot catch her interest, despite the sorrow it is a beautiful ballad full of a dream-like atmosphere, the four members of the excellent vocals add lots of colours the song.

source: koreastardaily
take out only with full credit.

Yesung almost killed his pet Turtles

He brought a box and put it on the desk~
He said it was his pet and I thought what kind of an animal is in a box with holes.
I became curious, so I opened the box right away.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Khuntoria episode 23 english subbed!

Yes! here's the one you've been waiting for. Finally, Khuntoria episode 23 cuts have been subbed in english. In this episode, you will be watching Victoria visiting husband Nickhun's family in Thailand. Many thanks to Wild2day for the fast work. Watch 'em now and enjoy your Monday!

[W2D] 101204 Int'l Wedding Ep. 23 1/2 [Eng Subbed]
Uploaded by wild2day. - Watch hilarious animal videos

[W2D] 101204 Int'l Wedding Ep. 23 2/2 [Eng Subbed]
Uploaded by wild2day. - Watch hilarious animal videos.

Credit: Wild2day@Dailymotion
Via dkpopnews

Jay Park Prays for Indonesia

Park Jae Beom, ex member of South Korean boyband 2PM, currently more known as Jay Park, scheduled Jakarta as part of his Asian tour. Jay Park's fans in Indonesia, called the Indo JWalkerz, will soon be able to meet their idol in Nusa Indah Theater Balai Kartini, South Jakarta.

Born in Edmonds, Washington on the April 25, 1987, he started his career when he auditioned for JYP Entertainment as a rapper and a b-boy. As a result, producer and talent scout Park Jin-young brought Jay Park to Korea to train, in order to improve the quality of his singing and Korean language for four years since 2004.

In 2008, Jay joined the reality show Hot Blood which promised him a spot in 2PM and succeeded. However, his career in 2PM stalled after September 4, 2009 when an online article emerged about his dislike of living in Korea while still in training.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

f(x)'s Victoria finally meets Nichkhun's family

f(x)’s Victoria was finally able to visit the family of her virtual husband, 2PM’s Nichkhun, during the couple’s visit to Thailand on this week’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married.”

Upon their arrival at the airport, their international fans greeted them wildly and even earned the opportunity to see Nichkhun personally feed pad thai to Victoria in the car.

While on the way to meet his family, Victoria attempted to calm her nerves by leaning against his shoulders. Nichkhun tried to come up with a variety of different hidden signals for her to give should she feel uncomfortable.

When they finally arrived at his grandmother’s home, Victoria was warmly greeted by Nichkhun’s family, with his mother even holding her hands and greeting her in Chinese fashion.

His grandmother especially took a great interest in the couple, consistently asking Victoria, “Since when did you realize that you liked Nichkhun?” Victoria answered, “Since we got married.”

Nichkhun began questioning her reply, asking, “Since then? What about before?,” leading Victoria to fix her answer to, “I had interest in you before, you know that.”

The music video that the couple created in last week’s episode will be broadcast next week.

Source + Photos: Nate via allkpop

Ryeowook's "Smile Again" MV revealed

after release single "Smile Again" for OST "Home Sweet Home" now Ryeowook the MV has been release. check out the video !

credit: allkpop

Heechul dance “A~ing♡” on Youngstreet

Super Junior's Heechul dances along to Orange Caramel's Aing on radio show Youngstreet!

He has been dancing to a lot of female groups' songs since joining the show and this is one of my favourites,take a look at the feminine side of the SJ's member here!


Victoria starts to like Nichkhun since marriage

Victoria’s confession to Khun of her heart on Dec 4th MBC wgm caught audiences’ eyes.
That day Nichkhun and Victoria took a 5 hour flight to pay their first visit on Khun’s family. On their way to Khun’s grandma’s house, Victoria was so nervous to do anything but doongdoong stamping her feet.
At last they went into the house and Victoria met Khun’s mom, grandma, sisters and other family members.
After that, questioned by Khun’s grandma’s ’ when do you start to like Khun’, Victoria shied and replied’ I started to like him since our marriage’, revealing her true heart.
Nichkhun also shied and translated Victoria’s reply for his grandma .

cr:chinese translation/,
english translation/Joe@khuntorialurve
Shared by hellohazel @ smtownjjang
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

S.M The Ballad Jino ;s Pre0debut photo's surprises fans

A new artiste from SM, JINO, whom participated in “S.M. The Ballad Vol.1” surprises fans with his pre-debut photos.

Jino is a SM Trainee who was the winner of the 2008 SM Everysing Contest. Ever since then, he has been going under training until now, debuting as "SM The Ballad" together with his seniors, Jay from Trax, Jonghyun from SHINee and Kyuhyun from Super Junior.

Yuri and Minho "Summer Night" scene !

Recently, SNSD's Yuri and SHINee's Minho acted out Grease's "Summer Nights" on the show “100 Points out of 100"

To make the scene even more interesting, they added different dance moves like moves from Miss A's Breathe and SNSD's Hoot. 

There was even a cute "kiss" scene too!

Check out Yuri and Minho's impressive acting skills here!
Of corse they didnt really kiss but did you enjoy the scene?

credit: dkpopnews
Video: CrazyCarrot360

Seohyun shares to her husband Yonghwa her drivers license

On the 4th of December broadcast of MBC "We got married", Seohyun from SNSD shared to her virtual husband CNBLue Yonghwa her Drivers License!

The couple went to get their drivers license before, even studying hard for the exams. Thus, Seohyun was able to get her drivers license ID and shared it to Yonghwa and Yonghwa was surprised on Seohyun's expression in her photo.

Seohyun came off looking a bit arrogant in her ID photo. In the episode, Seohyun can be seen driving the car with YongHwa in the passenger seat.

Source: Nate
Credits: blueprincess824 @

Eunhyuk told Eeteuk how he tauhgt Onew on Sukira

During Sukira broadcast yesterday, Eunhyuk told his partner Eeteuk what had happened when he wasn't around and Onew replaced him as the special DJ. He revealed that Onew asked him about being 'not hyper' during the 2nd bour. Find out what actually happened by watching!

Credits: dkpopnews + SuperTing7@YT

Friday, December 3, 2010

2NE1's "Don't Stop Music" MV revealed

Check out the video here !


Thursday, December 2, 2010

B2ST/BEAST release track for "All My Love" OST

BEAST/B2ST release new track for "All My Love" OST with title "Loving U". Check out the song !


Donghae's crying scene stimulated the audience's maternal instinct

The first acting challenge for Super Junior member Donghae is in SBS TV Drama 《It's okay, daddy's girl》 filming he showed superb acting, crying scene successfully stimulated the audiences' maternal instincts.

In the released drama episode, Donghae cried heavily within his indifferent older brother's line of vision, successfully evoking the audience's attention for the plot development. After shooting, a staff said "Donghae's first acting challenge, he brought out all the needed emotions for that moment, and it is quite difficult for a veteran actor to act out a crying scene well, so this is something worth looking forward to.". In the TV drama 《It's okay, daddy's girl》, although life is very tough for Donghae's character Choi Wook-gi, he is a down to earth youngster with a strong sense of responsibility, for someone walking to and fro wearing laundry and doing construction work he has always been optimistic in the face of life.

In the second episode, he hugged his older brother and his crying expression stimulated the female audience maternal instinct, his acting also received praises. In tonight's broadcasted episode of 《It's okay, daddy's girl》, clashed together with Choi Duk-gi (played by Shin Min Soo) is Eun Chae Ryung (played by Moon Chae Won), who carries the accusation of a murderer. Choi Wook-gi (played by Lee Donghae) who lost his brother has doubts about his brother's death, the following episodes will be full of tension

source: koreastardaily via

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Which "Invincible Youth" members received a back hug from Taemin ??

SHINee’s Taemin, who joined an episode of KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth” in place of Victoria, gifted a back hug to some lucky members of the show.

On this episode (set to be broadcasted on December 3rd), the cast members learned how to make a few traditional Korean dishes including mumalengi (dried slices of daikon) and cheonggukjang (fermented bean paste).

As soon as Taemin made his appearance, the members welcomed him with open arms and some even began plotting to steal him from the ‘cheonggukjang team’ for the ‘mumalengi team.’

They later began requesting, “Please give a back hug to the member that catches the daikon slices you throw.”

Only two lucky members were chosen for this special gift, but viewers must stay tuned to the December 3rd episode to find out who!

Source: Nate via allkpop

Heechul featured in Defconn's King Wang Zzang MV

check out the video! love it ?