Monday, November 29, 2010

S.M. The Ballad release "Miss You" MV

Check out the music video !

Credit: + sment @youtube

Yoseob and Daniel released "First Snow and First Kiss" MV

YoSeob and Daniel released the official MV of song First Snow and First Kiss.

Check out the clip here,love this collaboration?


S.M. The Ballad Miss you Album release

After the first live performance on Inkigayo as well as the recording on Music Core, all mini album tracks are fully released today. The best voices of SM indeed.

This is the playlist for Miss you Mini Album:

01 너무 그리워 (Miss You)
02 Hot Times (시험하지 말기)
03 다시··· 사랑합니다 (Love Again)
04 Don`t Lie (Feat. Henry Of Super Junior-M)
05 내일은··· (Another Day)


Hot Times:

Another Day:

Don't Lie:

Love Again:

Credits: dkpopnews + asianfansclub.wordpress

S.M. The Ballad debut on Inkigayo

A brand new group under SM Entertainment, S.M. The Ballad makes their official debut on Inkigayo today. The group consists of Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Jonghyun (SHINee), Jay (TRAX) and a newcomer named Jino. After postponing their album release to December 2, a lead single from their album entitled "Miss You" was released online on November 27. Enjoy their debut performance video below!


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jessica cried after realising Krystal fainted

Recently, f(x)'s Krystal fainted during their group's performance at Lotte Concert in Seoul on 27th Nov due to a poor condition that day.

A picture of SNSD's Jessica crying has been surfaced on the net. It is said that Jessica, whom is also Krystal's older sister cried at the airport after realising that her sister fainted.

We hope f(x)'s Krystal gets well soon!

Video of Krystal fainting during the performance (Around 4:50)

Video: jobafx via Youtube
Picture: cphan0621

Super Junior Yesung, " the voice comes from his Philtrun"

23th, on MBC Radio FM “Shindong Park Gyuri Simsimtapa”, in the Simsim picture section, Yesung’s picture was revealed. That day Shindong commented: “Mr.Philtrum-obsessed”, referring to one member, which drove people to start searching for who he is and eventually revealing his real name: Yesung.

Radio listeners immediately commented on the picture: “Voice coming from philtrum – confirmed”. In the photo, Yesung was passionately singing when the micro oddly stuck to his philtrum.

The manager of the photo section said: “It’s proved that Yesung’s sweet voice comes from his philtrum”, adding that “I thought that voice was God’s voice as it was a philtrum-voice”, which caused big a burst of laughters.

Source: TV Daily
Translated by LaCrymaMosa

Lee Hyori about B2ST/BEAST performance

Singer Lee Hyo Ri and B2ST that came in one stage has attracted much attention.

B2ST was performing at the opening stage of MBC College Music Festival 2010 that was held at 26 November night in Nuri Hall, Duksung Women’s University, Ssangmun, Dobong District, Seoul. They perform their new song ‘Beautiful’ and towards the end of the performance, rapper Yong Jun Hyung’s rap led MC Lee Hyo Ri to come into the stage. Lee Hyo Ri was smiling when seeing their cute performance in the center of the stage.

After the stage ended Lee Hyori give testimony to B2STt’s performance “I feel honored, I feel honored”, she smiled.

Meanwhile, in this year College Music Festival honor trophy is given to Lee In Se with his song ‘With You’ from Hallym University. They achieved two awards along with that popularity awards that voted by netizens. Gold and silver medal go to Lee Chan from Kookmin University and Kang Bo Ri from International University of Korea, while bronze medal goes to '못노는 애들' (The Children Can’t Play) from Korean National University of Arts.

Source: TV Report via dkpopnews
Translated by:

f(x) Krystal Faints during performance

f(x)'s Krystal fainted during a public performance, and is now recovering.

On the 27th of November at the Lotte Duty-free Store Family Concert stage at Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, Krystal fainted during a song performance, and was guided off the stage by security guards.

In regards to this, f(x)'s agency company revealed on a telephone interview with Newsen that "Krystal's condition wasn't very well today, which led to her suddenly fainting. After the diagnosis at the hospital, it has been shown that there is no anomalies, she only temporarily lost her consciousness."

They also said, "The health of the other members are also fine, Krystal's condition right now is very good." Krystal's sudden collapse greatly startled her fans. After it happened, other stars joined the stage to help the concert recover from the situation.

Cr:Newsen, Girls-Power女团综合中文论坛, f(x)'s Baidu
Translated by alice@iheartf(x) (Based on Chinese translations by joa@Girls-Power)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

S.M. The Ballad revealed the full song of "Missing You"

One Teaser after another, SM The Ballad consisting of Kyuhyun, Jonghyun, Jay & Jino released their title track, "Missing You".
It's the full song & not an audio teaser.

Check out the song:

Credits: SM The Ballad Official Homepage, RaiBaka @ YT & SMTownJJANG
Posted & edited by vannie@dkpopnews

S.M. The Ballad reveals "Hot Time" full track on Music Core recording

SM The Ballad revealed their track "Hot Times" during their Music Core recording today.
As they have not released the track yet, this is the first time that the fans are hearing it, it's through the recording of Music Core.

SM The Ballad would release their album on 29 November 2010.

Can't wait to hear it?

Credits: RaiBaka@YT
Source dkpopnews

Naughty Eunhyuk shows off SHINee Minho's body

In the latest episode of "Oh! my school", there is a scene of Minho lying on bed, rejecting.
I think it's a punishment, or that he was under a dare to take off his clothes.
Minho took off his clothes, but still hiding his body in the blanket.
Eunhyuk attempts to take his blanket away but fails on the first attempt.
He strikes again, when Minho was not paying attention and Minho's bare body was shown.
Shy Minho immediately cover his body and hides in a corner, wearing his shirt back and even gave a sigh of relief.

You can see the preview here!

Hehe, Minho is a shy boy. While the other idols are busy showing off their bodies, he's busy trying to cover himself. Anyways, he's still young!^^

Credits: shineelucifer500@YT
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Friday, November 26, 2010

S.M. The Ballad to Perform on music shows ?

On SM The Ballad’s Official site, they have 2 schedules: 11/27 MBC-TV Music Core
11/28 SBS Inkigayo
However, both music show announced earlier that they would not be airing this week due to the Asian Games and North-South Korea incident that occurred this week.
So I assume, SMent reps didnt get a chance to update it, explaining why they still have the 2 schedules listed on the official site, but who’s excited for their performances ?
btw, their album will be released on the 29th.

Cr: smtheballad official site + SAPPHIREPEARLS.COM
via dkpopnews

Ryeowook's successful 180 degree transformation

Super Junior member RyeoWook's past photo's has been attracting a lot of attention.

On an online community site, various pre debut photo's of ryeowook were uploaded and showed how he have transformed completely from when he was young to now.

RyeoWook looked totally different in the past and was chubby and showed a very healthy figure, in addition he wore glasses and seemed very laid back.

It has been known that in order to achieve his dreams, he had to go on a strict diet every day and work out in a desperate effort to lose weight, it seems after years of strict diet and exercise, his hard work have finally paid off.

Netizens commented, "His diet has been very successful", "This is a lesson for others! do not do plastic surgery but diet instead!", "I see Ryeowook's human triumph", "I hope he reveals his diet secrets to the public!"

Source: TV Daily
Credits: Blueprincess824 @

Thursday, November 25, 2010

SHINee's Jonghyun and Key shares a Pocky kiss

Recently, SHINee successfully held their 1st Fan Party in Thailand on the 22nd.

During the Fan Party, SHINee had many Fan interaction time and one of them was making Watermelon Smoothies. While SHINee was making the smoothies, Jonghyun put a Pocky stick(a biscuit snack) in his mouth. Both Key and Jonghyun started to bite the ends of the Pocky stick causing them to get closer and eventually they almost kissed.

Check out the scene here!

Please note that Jonghyun and Key did it for fun and its part of Fan Service. And Jonghyun himself has admitted that he enjoys skinship alot so please do not misunderstand as it is just meant to be a joke.

Credit: Liz @dkpnews

Ryeowook says Eeteuk is a better DJ than Eunhyuk on Sukira

Super Junior Ryeowook was the special DJ of the day and he did Sukira together with Eunhyuk. During today's sukira, RYeowook mentioned that whenever he listens to Sukira, he thought eeteuk was a solo DJ which meant that eeteuk is better than eunhyuk at DJ-ing. After hearing those words, Eunhyuk became a little angry.
Want to know what other interesting things happen? Check out the cuts now!
Super Junior Ryeowook was the special DJ of the day and he did Sukira together with Eunhyuk. During today's sukira, RYeowook mentioned that whenever he listens to Sukira, he thought eeteuk was a solo DJ which meant that eeteuk is better than eunhyuk at DJ-ing. After hearing those words, Eunhyuk became a little angry.
Want to know what other interesting things happen? Check out the cuts now!

Credit: SuperTing18@YT/Ting18♥@dailykpopnew

S.M. The Ballad postpones Their Album release Date November 29th

SM Entertainment's ballad project group has postponed their album release date to November 29th.

SM Entertainment's ballad project S.M. The Ballad's first album Miss You was scheduled to be released on the 25th. However, due to Yeonpyeong incident, the company considering the mood of the country changed the album release date to November 29th.

Because the preview of the songs from the album have already been released, the title song, Miss You will be revealed on various music sites.

The title song, Miss You is about feeling regret on being unable to stop the lover from leaving him. It is a sad but beautiful ballad that expresses how a man feels waiting for his lover to come back through the four members' voice color and their great singing ability, making the song more sad.

The album features a total of 5 songs including Kyuhyun's emotional solo Love Again made by Brown Eyed Soul's member Jungyup and Echo Bridge, Jay's solo Another Day which contains beautiful melody and lyrics.

Jay from Trax, Kyuhyun from Super Junior, Jonghyun from SHINee and a newcomer Jino have gathered to form the group.

Meanwhile, due to Yeonpyeong incident, Brown Eyed Soul, Sistar, Untouchable, Park Jungmin and many singers have postponed their album release date.

Source: Osen
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

B2ST’s Doojoon’s ideal type is ‘All My Love’ co-star Yoon Seung Ah

B2ST’s Doojoon chose his MBC sitcom ‘All My Love‘ co-star Yoon Seung Ah as his ideal type.

On the November 24th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Happy Day,” the singer turned actor Doojoon revealed his feelings regarding his ‘All My Love’ co-star. During his interview, he revealed that he wants to get closer to his ideal type, Yoon Seung Ah. He said,

“Yoon Seung Ah appears to be close with Jo Kwon and Ga-In nuna, but possibly because we don’t have many scenes together and so we don’t have much time to talk to each other, we still use honorific language to one another. She told me to comfortably say, ‘Hello nuna,’ but she doesn’t do it comfortably. Maybe she doesn’t like me…We’re both busy this week, work hard, we still have much of the sitcom left. Let’s work hard and hit the jackpot.“

He also predicted his possible sitcom love-line. He said, “By the current flow of things, the chances of me having a love-line with Ga-In nuna are high.”

Source: Newsen

S.M. The Ballad New Teaser !

S.M The Ballad finally release two new Audio Teaser today, 'Love Again' and 'Another Day'!
The Mini Album will be released tomorrow, on 25th November.
Who's looking forward for their live performance?

Source : gyapower07 @ YT via dkpopnews

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Artillery fire exchanged between North and South Korea

Normally, allkpop doesn’t report on the political going-ons in Korea, but today we have to make an exception.

At 2:34PM (KST), North Korea fired artillery shells across the ocean border, and at least 200 shells landed on South Korea’s Yeonpyeong island. While there have been altercations in the past, the South Korean people are experiencing a panic because the artillery shells were fired at an inhabited island.

Teaser S.M. The Ballad "Don't Lie" Jonghyun and Jino ft. Henry Lau

Duet song of SHINee member Jonghyun and newcomer Jino featuring Super Junior M's Henry Audio teaser is finally out,the song titled "Don't Lie"

meanwhile, SM The Ballad will release their first album "Really Miss You" on November 25th.

What do you think?

Source : yoorimholic @ YT

'Beast-dol' Beast's six different ways of taking self camera. who have change greatly ?

Beast, who has recently came back with 4th album have sent a special self-camera’ pictures.

In the picture is a memory of Beast winning 1st place with their third album title song in a music program. In the hands of Lee Gi Kwang who’s smiling brightly is a placard that says 'First place singer Beast'. Each member is enjoying the happy moment with humorous facial expressions.

The meaning of Beast sending this picture with the past memory is probably telling us that they are making a firm promise to cause another 'trouble'.

We invite you guys to a parade of Beast's personality reflecting self-camera, who came back with totally different atmosphere.

# The day when they won first place

The members held the first place trophy and took a picture of their happy moment. Nobody expected the result so their expressions look excited. All of them have playful expression on but their eyes are sharp like saying "First place singer, don't want to let it go".

Monday, November 22, 2010

S.M. The Ballad First Audio Teaser

S.M. The Ballad's First Audio Teaser is out on their Official Website

S.M. The Ballad will release 1 minute teasers of songs one by one through the website starting from today (Nov. 22). Starting with the song Hot Times, the preview of the songs will be revealed on the teaser site every day. The album contains 5 songs and is garnering interest by the fact that Jay from Trax, Kyuhyun from Super Junior, Jonghyun from SHINee and a newcomer Jino .

Check out the song "Hot Times' here!

Video: gyapower07

Preview of S.M. The Ballad's First Album

Ballad project S.M. The Ballad's first album, Really Miss You will be revealed one by one.  

S.M. The Ballad is expected to reveal a minute of each song featured in their album through the teaser site ( on the 22nd before releasing their album.

Starting with the song Hot Times, the preview of the songs will nbe revealed on the teaser site every day.  The album contains 5 songs and is garnering interest by the fact that Jay from Trax, Kyuhyun from Super Junior, Jonghyun from SHINee and a newcomer Jino .    
On November 25th, the whole album including the title song Really Miss You will be officially released on various music sites that SM. The Ballad is expected to receive overwhelming interest.

Since S.M. The Ballad is a project where various artists can showcase their talented singing ability through the finest ballad music, many music fans are looking forward to SM The Ballad's first album.  

Really Miss You will be released on November 25th.

Source: Tvdaily
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Saturday, November 20, 2010

B2ST returns with “Beautiful” on Music Core

After saying goodbye with “Soom” not too long ago, the B2ST boys continued with promotions on the November 20th episode of “Music Core.”

Having taken your breath away with “Soom” before saying goodbye, the B2ST boys now return to say the “Lights Go On Again” because you are “Beautiful” and “I Like You The Most.”

Due to time constraints, the boys only performed “Beautiful”, unlike their previous comeback stages.

Check out their performance now!

Video CrazyCarrot270

BEAST/B2St feelings on their comeback concept

Recently, B2ST opened up in an interview with Newsen about feeling awkward with their new comeback concept.

“We just returned with ‘Beautiful’ after wrapping up our ‘Soom’ promotions. It hasn’t been that long so it feels like we’re just doing a follow-up promotion.”

Their fourth mini-album title track, “Beautiful,” is a song filled with love for their fans. B2ST stated, “The cute concept is still kind of awkward so we worry a lot. It’s fortunate that our fans enjoy it. ‘Beautiful’ is a fan service song made for our fans.”

The boys have had quite the busy year with “Shock,” “Soom,” and “Beautiful”. They concluded their interview with, “We’ll be ending the 2010 year with ‘Beautiful.’ Although it’s been a meaningful year, we will work hard to show newer sides of ourselves in the year to come.”

B2ST will be holding their comeback stage on MBC’s “Show! Music Core” and SBS’s “Inkigayo” on November 20th and 21st, respectively.

Source + Photo: Newsen via allkpop

Heechul, the reason "Becoming a Singer because of PSY ?"

Idol band Suju Kim Heechul "Decided to be a singer, after seeing PSY.", attracted attention.

On the 17th broadcast of MBC , guest PSY showed his extraordinary eloquence.

This day, guest MC Kim Heechul, who self-claimed as a fan of PSY, stated "At home in 2002, (while) watching television programmes with my friends, PSY appeared. After seeing PSY who was singing "Champion", (I) asked my friends "Want to try becoming a celebrity?" After which, (I) went for an audition in SM Entertainment." Therefore, having the chance to debut, specifying PSY as the one who led him in becoming a singer, surprised everyone.

Towards MC Yoon Joon Shin's question "Why did you decided to become a singer only after watching PSY?", Kim Heechul could not answer and said "I love music originally." The MCs then made a guess stating "Is it because of the mindset: 'That person is also considered as a celebrity'?", PSY became hyped up and said "I'm the one who brought huge hopes to those unspecified singers.", bringing continuous laughter in the studio.

In addition, MC Kim Gura joked and said "When I saw PSY (as a singer), I thought 'Indeed, it's the end of the world.' ", again enticing laughter in everyone.

Chinese translation: 宝妮妮 @
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Park Shin Hye is Twins ??

Netizens were shocked to discover Park Shin Hye's look-alike.

The person is none other than T-ara's 7th member Ryu Hwayoung.Take a look at the photos above,both of them look at least 90% similar.

Wait a minute,Park Shin Hye found 2 twins sisters actually,let's not forget about Hwayoung's twins sister Hyoyoung from Co-ed School, ^ ^Credits to KPOPRANTS for the photo via dkpopnews!

Friday, November 19, 2010

SM Entertainment to debut new project group, ‘S.M THE BALLAD’

It was revealed that TRAX’s Jay (‘Typhoon‘), Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and new singer Jino have formed a project group under SM Entertainment.

A representative from SME revealed, “A new ballad project group named ‘S.M. THE BALLAD‘ has been created, and their first album, ‘Really Missing You‘ ,will be released on November 26th. ‘S.M. THE BALLAD’ is a collaboration between different singers that will give birth to an even better ballad genre.”

The first album will feature vocals by Jay, Kyuhyun, Jonghyun, and the new SME artist Jino. Jino (18) received 2 years of training and is said to possess powerful vocals, which has already captured the attention of SME fans already.

Source: Sports Chosun via allkpop

Donghae 's character in the drama "I'ts Ok, Daddy'd Daughter"

Lee Donghae portrays Choi Wookgi in "It's Ok, Daddy's Daughter" and here is an introduction for his character in the drama.

The youngest brother who possess deeper inner feelings than the eldest brother Hyukgi, and a harder worker than second brother Deokgi.

Despite growing up without the love of his parents, thanks to eldest brother Hyukgi, grew up to become a kind and honest person. Even though (he was) able to receive a scholarship at a prestigous university, but due to (his) father he was forced to suspend (classes). In order to earn living expenses and tuition fees, worked hard at every job (that he holds). But in return (all) he gets is his brother’s death and his parents’ betrayal. To prove that Deokgi’s death was not due to Kihoan’s mistake, while helping Chaeryeong, accidently became his brother’s rival in love.

Source: SBS Official Website for It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl
Credit: ELFISH & onlyhae
Translated by
Take out with Full and Proper credits

Super Junior Advise on taking your exam

Many artist already express their encouragement to students who will take, retake and as said by Lee Teuk multiple take on their exams (SAT) likely 2ne1 member Dara, MBLAQ leader Seungho and member G.O etc. through me2day and cafes.

This time it is the Super Junior boys who will give you encouragement and cheers you to do good on your exam. Not only that, the boys have also a little reminders and advice while taking it.

Check out the video and fighting every one!

Video Cr:Elfsubs

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Check it out below!Orange Caramel releases “A~ing♡” MV

Check it out below!

Source allkpop
video AfterSchoolCraze

Super Junior is the most popular Korean Idol in which South American country?

With K-pop quickly spreading in popularity across the globe, the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange is conducting various surveys and researching Hallyu trends in foreign countries. Recently, this organization conducted a Top 10 most popular Korean artist survey in a South American country. Which country was it?

The country is none other than Brazil, which is the world’s fifth largest country and where football (soccer) reigns supreme. The survey polled 2,826 young Brazilians who enjoy Korean music and Super Junior reigned supreme with a total of 2,137 votes.

Top 10:
1. Super Junior 2137 votes
2. SHINee 1507 votes
3. Big Bang 1471 votes
4. BoA 1351 votes
5. SNSD 1310 votes
6. 2NE1 1090 votes
7. 2PM 1027 votes
8. 4minute 978 votes
9. f(x) 959 votes
10. Wonder Girls 887 votes

In addition to Brazil, youtube viewing statistics show that Super Junior has many views from countries such as France, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Canada, and Sweden.

Source + Photo: TVDaily
Shared by: bigbangupdates
Tip: Nana
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Donghae's love interest to be played by Jin Saeyeon

She appears as the love interest of Donghae in It's Okay, Daddy's Daughter.

There are already posts in the message board from Super Junior fans who wrote, "don't let Donghae oppa get mixed up with other girls."  She said, "It is quite burdensome. In the drama, I think we'll appear together a lot because our characters like each other.  I'm looking forward to it."

In the drama, Jin saeyeon plays a character named Jung Saeyeon who is the youngest daughter of the director of a hospital, Jung Pilsuk (played by Park Geunhyung).  The character is bright and has a lot of aegyo.  She's a type of girl who works hard to receive love when her brother Jung Jingoo (played by Kang Sung) causes troubles.  The character falls in love with Wookgi (played by Donghae) who is hard working and sincere.  

She said, "before I met Donghae oppa, I thought he would be someone who is very funny and jokes a lot.  But, he is serious in person.  I think we have to work together well at the set because our characters appear together a lot."  

Source: Edaily
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Only 5 people knew of B2ST Ki Kwang’s solo activities as ‘AJ’?

B2ST’s Lee Ki Kwang recently suffered a humiliating blow after it was revealed that only 5 cast members on KBS’s “Happy Birthday” knew that he had a solo career. Ki Kwang was previously known as ’AJ‘ before his B2ST debut.

On this week’s episode of “Happy Birthday”, Ki Kwang and fellow member Junhyung shared that Cube Entertainment was not the first agency they signed with, and that they went through countless auditions before landing a contract with Cube.

“I used to promote as a solo artist, but I failed”, said Ki Kwang.

Junhyung added, “There was a time when I was a back dancer for Ki Kwang, too.”

To this, Lee Soo Geun asked, “Is there anyone here who knew Lee Ki Kwang came out as a solo?” A total of 5 members on the set raised their hands - Seo In Kook, Yoon Hyung Bin, Choi Sung Won, Seon Woo, and Jung Kyung Mi.

Surprised, Lee Soo Geun then asked, “Why did you fail when this many people knew about you?”, but Choi Sung Won intercepted with his wit as he joked, “Is it because only these 5 people knew about him?”, causing the whole set to burst into laughter and avoid a possibly awkward situation.

Source: Medical News Today
via allkpop

SNSD "Hoot" MV dance version release

cr. dkpopnews
Vid. sment channel

Dongwoon BEAST/B2ST changes hair color , what is his natural hair color ?

[Newsen Lee Uhnhyuk Reporter]

BEAST’s Son Dongwoon had made a quick change from the blonde hair to black hair.

Son Dongwoon had displayed many different sides in the music video for the 4th album title song ‘Beautiful’ that was released on the 15th. He came out with his hair dyed first and then ended up having brown hair in the middle of it. This made the fans wonder what his true hair color was.

Their management Cube Entertainment stated, “Son Dongwoon currently has blonde hair” and that, “The dark hair color that appears in the later half is a wig.” They had decided to go with a wig in order to portray a different mood. They also stated, “On the stage however, viewers will be able to see him with the blonde hair.”

Meanwhile, BEAST, with the release of ‘I Like You the Best’ music video coming up, will be making a comeback on the KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ on the 19th.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cube Entertainment has a 7-member girl group in the works?

Cube Entertainment, known for their new artists such as BEAST, 4minute and G.Na is being rumored to be working on a new girl group with 7 members.

On the 15th of November, Cube Entertainment released BEAST's "Beautiful" MV and in the part drama music video it can be seen that a group of girls with 7 members were seen dancing and also a member of which is part of the drama.

Much attention were placed on the 7 girls as netizens are speculating that they will be debuting soon.

In this situation, Cube Entertainment said their official statement on the 16th of November, "In the music video of BEAST, 7 trainees participated in it and we are receiving a lot of inquiries about them. Yes it is true that they are trainees under our agency however we have not reached a decision for them to debut soon. We are still thinking whether to debut them as a group, individuals, or actresses."

Meanwhile, BEAST will be making a comeback this coming 19th of November via KBS Music Bank.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @

BEAST reveals first part of the 4th album music drama, acting from the members attracts attention

[Newsen Hong Jungwon Reporter]

Idol group BEAST had released the first part of the relay music drama from the 4th album.

On the 15th, BEAST had revealed the first part of the music drama featuring the title song ‘Beautiful’ on their official Youtube channel ( and various video sites surprising the fans even overseas.

With the information that got out, attentions are turned to the concept and the style of the music video that BEAST will bring to the overseas promoters, media, and as well as the fans.

The first part of the ‘Beautiful’ music drama differs from the regular dramatized music videos in that it will focus hard on the story telling aspect and will blend together the overall concept of the 4th album. It will be like a ‘short music film’ about 7 minutes long in a relay style.

On the first part, the story starts off with a powerful dancing intro from Jang Hyunseung who transformed into a ‘legendary dancer’ and the acting parts of the BEAST members switch off as the story progresses.

The ‘Beautiful’ teaser that was revealed before caused the server to go down creating anticipation. Also, it showed the BEAST member Lee Kikwang transformed into a nerd of the class.

BEAST, who had completed their first stage successfully on the 14th, will be heading for the top of the music industry once again with a constant live singing skills and an image change.


Preview of Donghae's "It's Okay Daddy Daughter"

Check the video here!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Trax’s Typhoon casted as SUJU Sungmin’s half brother in “President

Trax’s Jay Kim (more commonly known by his moniker ‘Typhoon‘) has been casted for a major role in KBS 2TV’s “President“, set for broadcast this December.

He will play as the illegitimate son of protagonist ‘Choi Su Jong’, and the half brother of Super Junior’s Sungmin. His story unfolds after he meets his father at an election camp while working as a documentary PD.

Representatives of the drama have revealed that he is highly passionate about his role. “Jay works hard, but we were all surprised at how much better he was than we thought.”

Jay previously appeared in the cable drama “Task Force Zero” (2009) and the musical “Rock of Ages” (2010).

Looks like this is becoming quite the hot drama! Stay tuned to allkpop for more updates!

Source: SPN
Via allkpop

BEAST/B2ST "Beautiful" is Finally out

After teasing us with the preview of their song "Beautiful", BEAST finally unleashed what the whole song really looks like and all about.

Unlikely from what style they were using before, BEAST's Beautiful MV got a story in it and the song has it's different vibe. The boys were not at all serious on the mv and it is really fun to watch. The members have their own characters on the video and they really did act good on this.

Showing a different side of BEAST, here is finally their MV "BEAUTIFUL"

Cr. dkpopnews
Video. beastofficial channel

Jonghyun to halt activities due to stretched ligament

On the SBS 20th anniversary special aired yesterday, Jonghyun was missing from SHINee's stage. Many fans wondered where he was, as he was present for another concert not too long ago.

SM Entertainment explained, "He stretched his ligament on his ankle in Indonesia. His doctors forbade him from doing any sort of intense choreography, so he has been resting from hard activities."

As SHINee has a concert coming up in December, hopefully Jonghyun has a speedy recovery from his injuries.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

BEAST comeback with "Lights Go On Again" and "Beautiful" on 2010 Love Sharing Concert

BEAST comeback with 'Lights Go On Again' with a lovely whispering song! With 'Beautiful' lovely song which melts all fans heart! Are you ready to watch their comeback!?

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Leeteuk and Eunhyuk dance SNSD's "HOOT" on Sukira

I guessed everybody is worried about Eeteuk's injury that he had broke his finger. Don't get too worried because he is fine. We can only spot a big bandage around his fourth finger. Despite his injuries, he still enjoys DJ-ing at his own radio show with Eunhyuk. Both of them became excited when the SNSD's new song, Hoot was played.
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BEAST / B2ST will perform New Song on "2010 Love Sharing Concert"

BEAST will be performing their new song on stage.

It has been announced that BEAST will be performing their new songs on the stage at the SBS 20th Annual ‘2010 Love Sharing Concert’ on the 14th of November.

For this concert BEAST will be singing the suave and emotional ballad song ‘Lights go on again’ and the refreshing title song ‘Beautiful’. The anticipation levels are high as the fans wonder how they will be able to capture the hearts of women this time.

Other than this, there will be an adieu stage for VOS because of Choi Hyunjoon is getting ready for the military, a goodbye stage for Gain, and stages from Rainbow, miss A, and 2PM. There also will be 2NE1 performing ‘Can’t Nobody’ at the ‘2010 Love Sharing Concert’.


Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young looking lovely on set of "Mary Stayed Out All Night"

Never-before-seen cuts of KBS 2TV’s latest drama, “Mary Stayed Out All Night,” were recently revealed.

Being of the same age and having previous work experience as child actors, Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young share a special relationship.

Regarding Jang Geun Suk, Moon Geun Young commented, “Geun Suk has a lot of interest in acting. He’s always livening up the set atmosphere and we connect on a lot of levels so I’m learning a lot from him.”

Jang Geun Suk complimented back, “Geun Young is always respectful, bowing and greeting the staff members before anyone else. She has a lot of energy in that small body of hers. She’s such a bright, strong friend that being with her makes me feel better.”

Other staff members that observed the two commented, “Just looking at them, anyone can tell that they’re a lovely couple. They both help everyone feel comfortable on set and maintain a happy atmosphere.”

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